Yes. Yes, I do.


I print every piece of fabric myself using my original hand drawn artwork.

Hand pulled screen printing – and I use high quality custom mixed inks.

No two prints are ever the same. Every garment, accessory, pillow…well, everything! is One of a Kind.

my friend Andy made this meme for me/FINK. a custom meme – adorable!

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Hello Ello – FINK Hearts Ello

Hello Ello

FINK Hearts Ello

I’m all about it – a website & community that truly supports art & handmade…

Ello is it!

Now that Tumblr, Etsy, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have all pretty much sold out and nickel and dime every user (sellers in particular) –

Ello is a site for sore eyes!

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FINK on Ello

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Mistakes, Problems & Solutions – Handmade Life with FINK

Mistakes, Problems & Solutions

Handmade Life with FINK

Ahhh – the reality of creating = mistakes galore.

When I say mistake I mean this: something happens that you had not intended to happen and it’s problematic.

This happens to me all of the time. Practically every day. I find it most challenging to avoid fighting the mistake and try instead to see it as an opportunity and work towards a solution.

I am a self trained seamstress. I taught myself how to sew on an old Singer sewing machine by making clothing for my daughter (when she was a baby and couldn’t complain about my weird creations), vintage hats (from patters) and then eventually making my own hat patterns.  As I was learning to sew there were times I was brought to tears – seriously – crying at the machine and saying “forget it…I hate this”

But I kept doing it. Daily. Since 1999.

I realized how much I hated using sewing patterns during the early years –  I felt so limited by the patterns – and the minute I stopped using them  I enjoyed sewing so much more!


I was not my big dream to make clothing.  I went to art school (wearing all thrift store clothing…I still wear thrift store finds mostly + FINK) and focused on printing (mono printing), painting, sculpture and photography (learning to process/print).  I did a screen print in high school but found it kind of boring since we did the typical – one image printed on the front of one shirt.

It took awhile to get to know myself as a printer – I absolutely love it and the process is intense and so rewarding.  I use a variety of techniques to create my fabrics including screen printing, painting and block printing.  All of my screens are made from my hand drawn artwork, I free-hand carve each block I use and paint using every tool I would use to paint on canvas.

I struggle with “gilding the lily” and can absolutely take things too far and beyond repair sometimes. I overcome the feeling of defeat by using the “mistake” for other projects like decorative neckline and that kind of thing.  I am a no-waste designer and try to use every piece of fabric down to the last inch for garments and accessories and if they don’t prove useful for those things I use them for the FINK tags I sew into each FINK garment.

Sometimes, if I get stuck – like “what the hell do I do with this mess?!”  kind of stuck – I put the piece aside and come back to it later. Sometimes it works and sometimes not…and sometimes it turns out to be an all time favorite

(see example below)

I originally cut the body of this top out to be part of a long sleeve simple top.  I wasn’t “feeling it” so I put it aside and found it later and decided to experiment a bit with block printing and this is what came of all that. 

Each FINK creation is a discovery and I am open minded about what the outcome will be.

So yeah, I make everything up as I go along.

These days I allow plenty of room for mistakes since that is really where the magic happens.

It can be harsh to spend hours on a print, love the print then cut out a piece (I always free hand cut my creations from my imagination – I never ever use sewing patterns for my clothing. ever) and have it be a catastrophe. Finding solutions for cutting problems is really the most challenging thing I do.  Some of those mistakes sit for quite awhile before I come up with solutions and it’s very exciting when their day in the hot sun arrives!

I allow the quirky things to happen and show since they are part of the handmade beauty & show the creative process.  I don’t want to try to be quirky since that is really transparent. If that happens (and it does) that I have clearly had an idea and made it a reality and it’s a bit too…uh…intentionally “clever”…I deconstruct those pieces and start again.

I’m a quirky chick – no question about it – if you know me in person you will be nodding your head haha…if you don’t, it would be instantly obvious. I am energetic, chatty and well, quirky.  So there is no way for me to avoid quirky oddities in my creations and they are part of my natural process.  That being said – I take great care with construction and sew each piece to be sturdy…I want these pieces to last and be everyday wearable.

btw: I don’t ever want to make “perfect” anything since a) perfect is not real b) what’s the point? world already has masses of “perfect”-ish clothing in malls and stores all over the world. We don’t need more.

Sturdy and well made: yes

Store bought /factory made fit and styling: No

Unique, expressive, soulful, One of a Kind: yes

That brings me to this: I love creating. LOVE it. I need it. This is my life. 

But I want to create things that bring true joy to your life without contributing to a world that really does not need anything else…so I will keep it slow.

Speeding up production times and/or cutting corners to lower prices is for fast fashion mass produced items – NOT for FINK.

I prefer to use quality materials, spend endless hours on each piece and put my heart and soul into each and every creation so that I can offer the world these things that came from a soulful place and not a factory.

Thanks for reading all of that!  I was sewing this morning and had all of that on my mind as I was dealing with a piece that has been more than a little problematic lol


Happy Friday!

A Day in the Life – Around Here – Cathedral Basilica

A Day in the Life

Around Here

Cathedral Basilica

I was out running errands (I was actually walking errands…I don’t drive or own a car so I walk everywhere) and decided to walk around the outside of the Cathedral (been on the inside many times) .

I took these images with my phone camera.

Learn more about Cathedral Basilica here…

Two Dresses – FINK Displayed in This Way

Two Dresses

FINK Displayed in This Way

I know it can be helpful to see FINK garments on a human.

See my LOOKBOOK for more images of FINK (on humans) – there are 3 sliders in my lookbook (with several images in each slider) to show you FINK in a variety of ways.

click on the above images to see the listing for each piece and see this post for more about my process…