About FINK Sizing

Fink is not like a typical clothing store: I hand make everything myself from scratch – one by one – slowly and with lots of love.

You won’t see rows of the same items in different sizes…each FINK is a OOAK work of Wearable Art.



 why don’t you have size categories?

Answer: Because each FINK garment is One of a Kind and Sizing is very flexible

If I were to categorize my OOAK garments into standard sizing sections, most people would overlook pieces that would fit them beautifully.  I free hand cut each piece from my imagination and do not use sewing patterns or any kind of standard sizes or charts to create my wearable art garments = my unique and unusual approach makes these pieces extra special and wearable for many shapes and sizes.  

*see each unique listing for details about the fabric, flat measurements and other important details. Every listing is totally unique


I understand that it can be challenging to see how a garment will fit you with photos alone –

I include all of the details in each unique listing to help you know everything about that special garment:

flat measurements, shape, style, length, fabric, print…everything.  See each listing for the details about that specific piece.




Please Keep in Mind:

  • I am not a pro photographer and I am the one taking all of the listing photos & modeling the clothing (it’s me, my mannequin or dress form in all listing photos) – some photos are better than others and not all of my photos capture the true beauty of each garment. It’s worth looking through all of the photos to get the best idea of what each piece is really like.

  • Many of the FINKS listed are not my size (or my mannequins size) so some of the garments are not fitted on me (or the mannequin) and photos may not catch your attention at first glance…but each garment is worth a closer look…each and every piece has a lot of special details and once you see details in the listing and all of the photos it will help get a better idea of what that piece is really like.

  • the FINKS that are super fitted on me (noticeably super fitted in photos) are small size: I am a barely A bra size (I wear a padded bra in a few photos which brings me up to about a regular 32A I think lol)

  • most FINKS are soft cotton jersey stretch knit fabrics – sizing is VERY flexible. see the measurements on each listing for details and remember that they look great fitted or loose fitting and will be very comfortable either way.  (the only fabric I use that does not have stretch/give is linen – you can find my linen items in the linen category)


when you are shopping around on iheartfink.com – keep in mind that it’s worth looking at The detailed information about each and every garment …. you may overlook some really special OOAK pieces if you go only by first glance at the cover photo

It’s worth taking the time on iheartfink.com to look through all of the photos on each listing and looking at the flat measurement information on each listing – some pieces may not fit my mannequin as well as they will fit YOU (which is much more important!)


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