Behind the Scenes – FINK Studio Works in Progress

Creative Necessity

I’m always creating and I love working on new projects – especially finding new ways to use remnants of my hand printed fabrics.  My latest creation is underwear.  

It started like this: 1) I need new underwear 2) I sew, I have lots of fabric remnants 3) MAKE EM YOURSELF!

At first I looked around a little online to see if there were any easy underwear patterns available … but then I remembered: HEY!  the fun part is the figuring it all out part!

Not sure how far I will go with this project (as far as making more or making them available to purchase) since I’m not so sure about creating these in other sizes. For now, I created a few custom fit pieces that are quite comfortable and cute as heck!


So far I’ve used silky rayon stretch knit fabrics (light weight, super stretchy & soft) & cotton/lycra stretch knit (great stretch, soft & slightly thicker fabric)

I will also try other styles…the ones I made so far were inspired by a few different pairs I have & love … I’m excited to try other styles, too. (and would love to make a bra-let soon as well)



what else keeps me busy?

working online day & night to get the word out about my website

selling vintage on Ebay

selling vintage & handmade on Depop (I have a few FINK garments & other garments I’ve made using vintage fabrics in my Depop shop)

taking photos, writing descriptions & listing is pretty much a full time job in itself…

but CREATING is what I truly love and always have a few projects & experiments going!


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