Sewing – FINK History of Sewing Garments, Accessories & Original Art

A Brief History of FINK Art & Sewing: drawing: my mother is an artist – my sisters and I would watch her draw and make requests (for little birds and other things) that she would *magically* make appear on pieces of paper. very inspiring. when I was really young…maybe 5-6? I made a little book […]

Your Home Gallery – Unique Original Artwork Makes Everyday Life Better

Having Original Art in Your Home Adds Soulful Beauty   all original art – I only sell my original pieces (no prints or duplicates)   Small Original Art Packs a Punch – Cute Alone in a Tiny Spot on a Wall or Shelf OR Combined with Other Pieces for a Bigger Display   I knew […]

FINK Slideshow – Unique Wearable Art Garments & Accessories

Sometimes it’s nice to see things in a new way: Presenting the FINK Slideshow! I created this slideshow of FINK wearable-art garments & accessories and uploaded it to Youtube . . . *click the above image to see the video on Youtube Everything on this slideshow is now available here on – if you […]

Online Unique Handmade Women’s Clothing Boutique

  Conscious Fine Art Fashion Each garment is handmade completely from scratch & one of a kind : Shopping FINK is like shopping at an art gallery (instead of a typical clothing store) Each piece is an expressive work of original art. I hand print the fabrics with my original hand drawn artwork. I use […]

Patch It Up – FINK Style Art Print Patches to Add Color to Your Clothes

… Adding FINK Fabrics to Your Life in the Cutest Way . . . I hand-sewed FINK patches onto a variety of my things yesterday – a hat, a sweater & an old velvet jacket…I’m addicted to these things and hope you might find ways to add these pieces to some of your jackets, sweaters […]

Wanted: Eyes on FINK

This week I added FINK original art and garments to my shops on Etsy (I have two shops on Etsy – one for FINK garments and one for my original art).  Not a big fan of the new Etsy ways….but Etsy gets a lot of traffic and that is a good thing for a small […]

Social Media – Ways to Follow FINK Online

The List: FINK on Instagram FINK on Tumblr FINK on Flickr FINK on Twitter FINK on Ello FINK on iamthelab FINK on Youtube *follow FINK on the sites you love best . . . since the layout is unique on each site, some may be better for you than others. I currently love Flickr & […]

FINK Art Print Wrapping Paper – Recycled Paper + Original Art

  All hand block printed by me using recycled paper bags, my original free-hand carved blocks and custom mixed inks.  Each is one of a kind. Eco friendly artisan wrapping papers for a handmade holiday + any time you want to wrap up an extra special gift with extra special papers.         […]