FINK New Year – Hope Love Inspiration & Dedication

  My daughter has been here for the holidays (college holiday break) and we spent a lot of quality time together being creative, enjoying some time out of town with family + a little time getting out and about around here.  It’s been wonderful to just breathe and exist!  I’ve spent most of  my life […]

Lean Toward Green – FINK Focus 2018

This is one (of many) lists I found online for GREENER LIVING and just a quick example of what is on my mind for this coming year: (I simplified this list a tiny bit but you can find the original list here: “Awesome Earth Friendly Lifestyle”) 1. Eat a whole-food, plant-based diet. Eat more veggies, […]

FINK Art Print Wrapping Paper – Recycled Paper + Original Art

  All hand block printed by me using recycled paper bags, my original free-hand carved blocks and custom mixed inks.  Each is one of a kind. Eco friendly artisan wrapping papers for a handmade holiday + any time you want to wrap up an extra special gift with extra special papers.         […]

FINK Original Small Art & One of a Kind Home Decor

  FINK Original Small Art & One of a Kind Home Decor           Each and every fabric, design and work of art is original and one of a kind.  Very special pieces & a wonderful way to bring original art into your life!               Small […]

Raw Appeal – FINK Edgy Wearable Art Pieces

  I love creating pieces that look handmade & appeal to creative minds = raw, edgy, creative and totally unique = Wearable Art! I do not aim to make “store bought” looking clothing (mass production / factories are already pumping out plenty of those kinds of garments..too many!)  and nothing says “artistic and edgy” like […]

Ideas & Solutions – More Ways to Add FINK Art Print Fabrics to Your Life

Colorful Art Print Patches One of a Kind Art Print Fabrics *each package will be unique – above images are just examples (those patches SOLD) – I will be making each package to order so you will get a fresh, special and OOAK patch/package I use every last piece of my hand printed fabrics & […]

heartfink Handmade Home Decor – Unique Hand Printed OOAK Pillows

FINK Handmade Hand Printed Pillows Works of Original Art to Display & Enjoy in Your Home   What a great gift – for yourself and/or a special friend! Soft & Cozy + Unusual & Intriguing   housewarming gift cabin decor apartment decor airstream decor tiny homes decor birthday gift gift for him gift for her […]