FINK Break & Shipping Delay is always open… however, there will be a shipping delay for any purchases made this week. *please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions – I will respond as soon as I can Enjoy FREE SHIPPING for any purchases made October 13 – 18 Coupon Code: FNKOCT ALL PURCHASES (of ready to ship items) […]

Handmade Holiday – FINK Gift Certificates & Gift Wrapping

Cheers to a Handmade Holiday! FINK Gift Certificates are available for any amount contact me at any time at to request a custom gift certificate see my HOME DECOR section for a variety of totally unique handmade pillows & more I love to make each package really special – please contact me if you […]

FINK Studio Saturday October 7

One of the coolest responses I have heard about my stripes design was from the husband of one of my customers: as she was trying on a variety of FINKS here in my studio… her husband said “I love that design…” and I said “oh, stripes print” then he said “oh, I don’t think […]

FINK Studio Saturday September 30

Strings & Things I use every last bit of my hand printed fabrics (& solid color fabrics, too) down to the last inch I use recycled paper (that I paint & hand print) to decorate my FINK packages   Song of the Day: Cat Stevens If You Want to Sing Out *link takes you to […]

Raw Appeal – FINK Edgy Wearable Art Pieces

  I love creating pieces that look handmade & appeal to creative minds = raw, edgy, creative and totally unique = Wearable Art! I do not aim to make “store bought” looking clothing (mass production / factories are already pumping out plenty of those kinds of garments..too many!)  and nothing says “artistic and edgy” like […]

FINK Studio Saturday September 23

  A Day in the Life: The Sound of FINK I’ve been listening to vinyl records since I was a kid.  My first turntable was a Fisher-Price portable record player. I got that John Prince record in NYC at a little flea market I burn Tara Healing Incense most of the time…soooo nice! first thing […]

FINK Studio Saturday September 16

I reuse the same spoons over and over..I peel the ink off and reuse until they break. Happy Saturday! It’s an inky, FINKY life over here…wouldn’t have it any other way! one of my 4 printing aprons close up of the FINK Ink buildup on one of my printing aprons