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FINK Creative Alterations – Customizing FINK Garments for You

FINK is a collection of handmade, hand printed, one of a kind clothing – Each Piece is Totally Unique.  I hand make each one using fabric I hand print with my original artwork – I do not use sewing patterns and make each one up (from my imagination) on the spot.  Sizing is really flexible […]

FINK Original Fine Art Prints on Paper

  Available Now: Layered Hand Painted & Hand Printed Original Artworks.  I use this incredible paper (Rives BFK) and high quality printing inks to build layers of my original art including metallic inks that add so much beauty and depth.  These printed papers are listed as unframed artworks – they will look really beautiful hung […]

A Month of Sundays – FINK Sunday Update

It’s been awhile since I posted so I thought today would be a perfect day for an update! As promised at the beginning of the year – my focus has been on creating and living as eco friendly as possible … and it’s going well. I’m really enjoying the challenge and results. some of the […]

Sewing – FINK History of Sewing Garments, Accessories & Original Art

A Brief History of FINK Art & Sewing: drawing: my mother is an artist – my sisters and I would watch her draw and make requests (for little birds and other things) that she would *magically* make appear on pieces of paper. very inspiring. when I was really young…maybe 5-6? I made a little book […]

Your Home Gallery – Unique Original Artwork Makes Everyday Life Better

Having Original Art in Your Home Adds Soulful Beauty   all original art – I only sell my original pieces (no prints or duplicates)   Small Original Art Packs a Punch – Cute Alone in a Tiny Spot on a Wall or Shelf OR Combined with Other Pieces for a Bigger Display   I knew […]

Online Unique Handmade Women’s Clothing Boutique

  Conscious Fine Art Fashion Each garment is handmade completely from scratch & one of a kind : Shopping FINK is like shopping at an art gallery (instead of a typical clothing store) Each piece is an expressive work of original art. I hand print the fabrics with my original hand drawn artwork. I use […]

Patch It Up – FINK Style Art Print Patches to Add Color to Your Clothes

… Adding FINK Fabrics to Your Life in the Cutest Way . . . I hand-sewed FINK patches onto a variety of my things yesterday – a hat, a sweater & an old velvet jacket…I’m addicted to these things and hope you might find ways to add these pieces to some of your jackets, sweaters […]

Wanted: Eyes on FINK

This week I added FINK original art and garments to my shops on Etsy (I have two shops on Etsy – one for FINK garments and one for my original art).  Not a big fan of the new Etsy ways….but Etsy gets a lot of traffic and that is a good thing for a small […]