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New FINK Projects & Products: I am always creating new things and post here to share my latest projects and creations. Simple posts with lots of fresh photos of what’s new.

FINK Stickers & Stationary Sets

FINK Stickers & Stationary Sets New Art – New Fun Things to Enjoy : My Original Art Stickers & Stationary Sets Inspired by thrifted supplies I’ve accumulated over the last few years (sticker paper, post card paper, etc).  Found sticker papers & post card papers were just enough to get me going. I’ve created several […]

Eco Friendly FINK – Commitment to Sustainable Creating

Commitment to Sustainable Creating   Doing my best to avoid destroying the planet means slowing down production + reducing use of all materials, energy & water. My creative process is very labor, time & material intensive – I screen print all of the fabrics myself using only screens made from my original hand drawn artwork. […]

FINK Creative Alterations – Customizing FINK Garments for You

Hey, guess what?!  I LOVE doing creative alterations!  I can turn some of your old T-Shirts into something NEW & Cool & Fun to Wear + I can do minor alterations on FINK garments that are already listed. FINK is a collection of handmade, hand printed, one of a kind clothing – Each Piece is Totally […]

FINK Original Fine Art Prints on Paper

  Available Now: Layered Hand Painted & Hand Printed Original Artworks.  I use this incredible paper (Rives BFK) and high quality printing inks to build layers of my original art including metallic inks that add so much beauty and depth.  These printed papers are listed as unframed artworks – they will look really beautiful hung […]

FINK Art Print Wrapping Paper – Recycled Paper + Original Art

  All hand printed by me using recycled papers + my original free-hand carved blocks, original art silkscreens and custom mixed inks. Each is one of a kind. Eco friendly artisan wrapping papers for a handmade holiday + any time you want to wrap up an extra special gift with extra special papers. SEE FINK […]