Eco Friendly FINK – Commitment to Sustainable Creating

Commitment to Sustainable Creating


Doing my best to avoid destroying the planet means slowing down production + reducing use of all materials, energy & water.

My creative process is very labor, time & material intensive – I screen print all of the fabrics myself using only screens made from my original hand drawn artwork. I hand pull my inks (after I custom mix each and every ink color I use) manually through the screens to cover fabrics…this takes hours and hours and lots of ink and “elbow grease” to do even a couple of yards.



A Labor of Love

Every inch of each print is one of a kind since I am manually moving the screen around the fabric without any “formula” (just instinct and inspiration)  No print can ever (EVER!) be duplicated exactly BECAUSE of the way I am creating them … this means each piece is a work of fine art that only YOU will own.

Each print is precious, exclusive & truly a work of original art!



So! You can see why I use each fabric down to the very last tiny bit (I use the teeny tiny pieces for the FINK tags I sew into each Fink garment)  + Because printing fabrics requires a lot of materials & water, I have greatly reduced my printing (which is sad because I absolutely LOVE Love LOVE printing fabric) …but this means each print is EVEN MORE PRECIOUS = Each and Every Printed FINK is incredibly unique, rare & exclusive!



I used to offer custom and made to order pieces – this required the use of a lot of materials and time & I realized over time that I thrive creatively when creating ONE one-of-a-kind piece and it’s much much MUCH more eco friendly to only offer the very first and only one of it’s kind.  I am an artist first and definitely my best self when making original art (just the original work!)

 As time goes by my focus is to be as eco friendly & sustainable as I can and somehow still create new pieces (challenging for sure) I buy all of my materials from small businesses (even my thread …I buy remnant threads & lots from auctions, flea markets & thrift stores).



I haven’t driven a car for many many years and because I am shipping my items all over the world, it feels like the least I can do to balance the fuel used for my business!  I also offer lots of upcycled / recycled items like gift wrap I make with recycled papers, pillows & accessories made using all of my fabric remnants + recycled/upcycled garments.

Check Back Often to See My Newest Eco Friendly Creations!


THANK YOU SO MUCH for Appreciating & Supporting My Small Business. I will remain committed to creating high quality One of a Kind Pieces & being as Eco Friendly as I can be!


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