FINK Creative Alterations – Customizing FINK Garments for You

Hey, guess what?!  I LOVE doing creative alterations!  I can turn some of your old T-Shirts into something NEW & Cool & Fun to Wear + I can do minor alterations on FINK garments that are already listed.

FINK is a collection of handmade, hand printed, one of a kind clothing – Each Piece is Totally Unique.  I hand make each one using fabric I hand print with my original artwork – I do not use sewing patterns and make each one up (from my imagination) on the spot.  Sizing is really flexible since I am using fabrics that have a lot of stretch / give + many of my designs are cut in a way to be very accommodating to many shapes and sizes….this being said, there may be things about a particular piece (or two, or three!) that you would love to have tailored/customized to your shape and size >>>> I can probably do that!

Some examples of what CAN be done …

  • minor alterations
  • bring in the waist a bit
  • shorten the hem
  • add FINK decorative stitches
  • shorten sleeves
  • add a ruffle hem
  • make a large size smaller (in some cases…not all)
  • turn YOUR pre-owned shirts or dresses into a “FINKIFIED” garment…cool way to upcycle your own clothing

Some examples of what CANNOT be done …

  • make a small size into a large size
  • add length (other than a ruffle hem)
  • major design changes
  • color or print changes
  • alter a neckline (in most cases…possible on some pieces which will depend on several things. Let’s say case-by-case basis)
  • making a new custom piece from scratch > I no longer offer custom designs – only minor alterations of my OOAK pieces that are already made


Alterning FINK Designs that are currently listed:

Step ONE:  create a wish list and include all the FINKS you LOVE!

Step TWO:  compare your measurements to flat measurements I give in each listing

Step THREE:  contact me (prior to purchase) with your list of pieces that fit into the above criteria (in the “what can be done” list)

Step FOUR: you and I communicate and work together to figure out how I can customize items you love (if possible)

Step FIVE: Once we work out the details I make special listings for you including the garment(s), shipping + alteration fees.

example: you love a certain dress but would love it more if the waist was smaller or want the dress to have a ruffle hem for added length…I can do that!

example: you love a certain dress but wish it was a larger size with long sleeves … I cannot do that. In some cases I can add sleeves – but rarely…contact me with any questions.

Altering YOUR Clothing:

Step ONE: find the tops you have around that you want to save from the depths of your drawers and closets (jersey stretch knit pieces)

Step TWO: contact me with a quick rundown of what you have and any details I should know (I need your measurements and any do’s & do not’s details)

Step THREE: Send them to me and I will make them super-duper fun and unique

Step FOUR: Once we work out the details I make special listings for you including the alteration fees + shipping

*I may or may not be able to work with the clothing you have for up cycling – it’s important for me to know more about what you have and to have quite a bit of artistic freedom for this kind of alteration

example:  you have 3 tshirts you never wear and some have holes and you would love them to be made into one top with FINK details and even some FINK prints mixed in .. I can do that!

example: you have some tank-tops or tee’s that are kind of “blah” and would love some fancy FINK decorative stitches added … I can do that!

example: you have an heirloom lace dress passed down generations and need it to be altered or repaired … I cannot do that or any kind of typical alterations on pre-made clothing


Pricing for FINK alterations (FINK designs) starts at $35 and up (in addition to cost of the FINK garment)

 Pricing will vary from piece to piece depending on the changes requested.

Pricing for FINK alterations (Your Clothing) starts at $50 and up (in addition to the cost of shipping both ways)

I recommend contacting me PRIOR to purchase to be sure the alterations can be done (sometimes it’s just  not possible depending on the original design)


Please note that special offers, discounts and sales do NOT apply to any altered pieces. Sale items can be altered but pricing will be the original (not sale) price + fees.

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