FINK Handmade Art Print Fashion Accessories

Creative Accessories – Art to Wear

headbands + obi belts + clothing patches + fabric jewelry + more!



Maybe you like to turn up the color all day every day or maybe

you want to add a splash of color here and there:

FINK Accessories are great for both!

Amp up a look by adding bold colors & contrast prints OR make FINK THE statement

piece on a simple solid color outfit.

Adding FINK to your outfit is adding Original ART to your look

and that’s never a bad thing!


most FINK accessories are super versatile:

each piece is totally unique and many of them are great as belts,

headbands & neck scarves (see each listing for details)

the fabrics are soft cotton jersey stretch knits – very comfortable for all day wear

and oh yeah…the prints!  like everything I make, each accessory is one of a kind! (print & design)

SHOP FINK ACCESSORIES & Check Back Often – I am always making new things!

the FINK skinny-belts are nice for an instant-waistband on any oversize dress, tunic or tee


the above photo is a great example of options for FINK sashes (as a belt or bow)


I have several sets available (sold in sets of 2 or 3)


FINK obi belts look great tied up in the front or back (read more about FINK Obi Belts HERE)


the skinny belts also look adorable as bow-ties


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