Laundry Day – Caring for FINK

HOW TO: Wash/Dry Fink

I use high quality printing inks for all of my printed fabrics & take extra steps to heat set the inks to ensure a long life! 

I still wear tops I made almost 10 years ago and the print is holding up beautifully on all of them.


It’s laundry day and it’s time to clean your FINK garments.

So what do you do?

Here’s the scoop –


Turn them inside out

Wash Separate

Wash in COLD WATER Only

Use MILD DETERGENT (NO Oxy or Bleach Additives)

HAND WASHING is ALWAYS BEST (gentle cycle in machine ok for most FINK cotton/lycra garments – hand wash only for rayon & linen pieces)

Hang or Lay Flat to Dry

Hot Iron is OK – Iron inside out

*I send care cards along with each garment – I recommend the same care for handmade solid (unprinted) garments, too


NEVER wash is WARM or HOT Water

NEVER use Oxy or Bleach Detergents (or other harsh detergents)

NEVER Wring them out (it will pull the fibers of the fabric apart and loosen the lovely print – gently press excess water out instead)

Never Dry them in a Hot Dryer – Dryers really beat-up garments and will do the same for FINK

I want your FINK designs to last a long long time so you can continue to enjoy them!

If you follow the above information (which I include with each purchase) you will have your FINK garments, accessories and decor for years to come!

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