Little Boxes – Handmade Recycled Packaging

Eco Friendly Shipping Materials



I sell vintage & other unique finds on other websites and many of the items are smaller collectible pieces.  I ran into a problem with packaging since I was buying boxes I found at thrift stores but it’s not a reliable source

and I found my supplies dwindling (and I’m totally against buying imported cheaply made mass produced materials)…sooooo….I started making my own boxes using all found recycled materials.

They are not fancy (as you can see) and far from perfect (which is exactly how handmade is!) but I love making them and my customers seem to enjoy the unique experience!

As you can see by all the things I list on – I am most inspired by making One of a Kind things using my imagination and eco friendly materials!

Like my clothing, each box I made is free-hand cut and made on the spot with no pattern or instructions.

I never googled “how do you make a box” or anything like that…I sat down with a stack of materials, put on some great music and started to experiment.

I do this with every box, every time. I just create and the process is where the magic is and I find new ideas and learn things along the way.



See my hand printed paper section for unique packaging for your gifts (all up cycled / recycled materials, all original art, each is One of a Kind)

and let me know if you want some funny little handmade boxes for gifts!

I would create a video of how I do these but the best way is to just figure it out without instructions so you find your own unique way…that is where handmade magic happens!



you can find my vintage & other unique listings on Ebay & Depop…my name on those sites is KELEKT

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