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Conscious Fine Art Fashion

Each Piece is a Work of Original Art = Wearable Art!

each garment is handmade completely from scratch & there is only ONE of each piece in the world!

  • Shopping FINK is like shopping at an art gallery (instead of a typical clothing store) Each piece is an expressive work of original art.
  • I hand print the fabrics with my original hand drawn artwork. I use silkscreens made from my drawings and hand pull inks I custom print through the screens to cover the fabrics with my art. I also hand paint & block print fabrics – always and only using inks I custom mix and always and only with my original artwork. The way I print fabrics makes every inch of every print unique since I am free-hand printing (no machines). I manually moving the screens and blocks around the fabrics using intuition, inspiration and experience to create one of a kind prints. I only print 1-3 yards at a time so every 1-3 yard print is unique in every way (every inch!)


  • I work alone. I do everything myself from start to finish including this website, social media and everything else that needs to be done for FINK.
  • I do not use sewing patterns – ever.  I free-hand cut each piece myself. I’ve been sewing since 1999 and making FINK garments since 2007 – I use my imagination and experience to create each unique piece you see.
  • I pay close attention to details with each step and sew each piece thoroughly and sturdily.  Even the pieces with raw edges have strong seams and are built to last. I wear my own creations and have pieces I have been wearing for over 12 years!


  • I take pride in what I do and pour my love and devotion into my work.  When you buy FINK garments, accessories, art & decor you are supporting a passionate American artist!
  • I give back – I support other artists and shop online from artists all over the world + shop locally to support local small businesses + buy second hand household items for pretty much everything I own. I don’t drive and walk or ride my bike instead.
  • I am a no-waist designer and use every last bit of my materials + a significant number of materials I use are upcycled/recycled. I am thoughtful about sourcing and even use threads I buy from auctions, thrift stores and yard sales…I do everything I can to shop small and use sustainable supplies.
  • I use “I” a lot because it’s just me – I am a solopreneur / One-Woman business
me at a local event wearing a dress I made from my printing cloth (the cloth I use on my printing table under fabrics I print)
sew-on patches I made from the remnants of my OOAK hand printed fabrics. super cute!

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