Patch It Up – FINK Style Art Print Patches to Add Color to Your Clothes

Adding FINK Fabrics to Your Life in the Cutest Way . . .

I hand-sewed FINK patches onto a variety of my things yesterday – a hat, a sweater & an old velvet jacket…I’m addicted to these things and hope you might find ways to add these pieces to some of your jackets, sweaters & hats, too!

I made a listing for patches here on and all you have to do is add a note about the ideal colors you would like (I have THAT many remnants – every color you can imagine and in so many different prints…way too many to list!) and if you have a preference for shapes (I can hand cut any shape for you!)


I LOVE perfectly-imperfect hand sewing – I think it’s what adds the magic since you will have your own “signature” style hand stitching.  Whatever comes naturally is the best!  I used a large needle and embroidery thread but you can use any needle/thread you have on hand or can get your hands on.




My patches are cut from fabrics I hand print – I do hand pulled screen printing and that means that every inch of every print is one of a kind = I intuitively move the screens around and around the fabric without any “formula” and hand pull the inks through the screens… it takes hours to print yards of fabrics since I layer the prints with my original hand drawn artwork and custom mix every ink I use.  The fabrics are works of original art and each patch is free-hand cut from these fabrics.




A really cool way to turn an ordinary everyday garment or accessory into instant “wearable art”




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