Raw Appeal – FINK Edgy Wearable Art Pieces


I love creating pieces that look handmade & appeal to creative minds = raw, edgy, creative and totally unique = Wearable Art!

I do not aim to make “store bought” looking clothing (mass production / factories are already pumping out plenty of those kinds of garments..too many!)  and nothing says “artistic and edgy” like raw edges.



Most of the FINK garments I make for myself and wear constantly have RAW edges (unfinished necklines, hems, sleeves or all of the edges)

I have several FINK pieces listed here on iheartfink.com with raw edges:

Not to worry – I use fabrics that DO NOT FRAY and love the way they gently curl up over time




I wear this tunic all of the time and all of the edges on this piece are raw (unfinished hem, sleeves and neckline) – I get stopped every time I wear this piece = “I love that top!” 


I upcycled this old Star Wars tee by adding hand printed FINK sleeves and cutting the neckline to leave it raw (deliberately) for handmade coolness


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