Your Home Gallery – Unique Original Artwork Makes Everyday Life Better

Having Original Art in Your Home Adds Soulful Beauty


all original art – I only sell my original pieces (no prints or duplicates)


Small Original Art Packs a Punch – Cute Alone in a Tiny Spot on a Wall or Shelf

OR Combined with Other Pieces for a Bigger Display


I knew these vintage hangers would prove to be useful in many ways!


create your own “shrine” with favorite special items + a work of original art


I love this stye of displaying art – all you need is a clip, a string and a nail…oh! and ART!


cute to hang these mini paintings in a random pattern … filling a wall with tiny paintings is a very cool look, too!



I added a bit of faux foliage to my display – I love decorating as if I’m creating a movie set for an indie film


canvas panels can be framed, rest on a shelf or you can add an adhesive tab (you can find them online + hardware & art supply stores)


EvLaurenzi on Apr 3, 2018

Absolutely love this little gem. The colors are soft and dreamy with a surprise edginess due to the little alien creatures.


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